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  • Focusing on Business Efficiency

    Building efficient systems and processes for businesses

  • Website Deployment

    Removing the hard work of getting your business sites up and running.

  • Lead Generation

    Creating attractive landing pages, business listings, and social media campaigns to meet your marketing goals.

Skills & Technology

Systems Development

  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Accounting Systems
  • CRM Systems
  • Content Management Systems
  • Event Scheduling Systems
  • Credit Card Processing Systems

Web Hosting

  • Linux Servers
  • Cloud Management
  • Web Hosting Providers
  • DNS Management
  • Domain Names and SSL
  • Managed and Dedicated Cloud Servers
  • Code Repository Setups

On-site IT Services

  • Ticket Support
  • Project Management
  • Team Management Software
  • Network Maintenance
  • Android and iOS
  • Windows and Mac OS
  • Office Equipment
  • Internet Phones

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0 Leads Generated

0 Team Members Supported Concurrently

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Although I managed Daniel Harris' volunteer work flow while at BCA, he was far advanced with his knowledge and understanding of website work. He never stopped offering ways to improve our site and fix issues, such as instituting internal staff chat via the website. He added much value during his volunteer hours.

My trust in Daniel's abilities grew during the time he worked at BCA. He would pore over issues, problem solve, bringing us good solutions. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Daniel, his work, and his integrity.

Sherry Burklew Website and Social Media Administrator, Brevard Cultural Alliance
Daniel is a quiet and humble person. He is very focused on school and work. During 14 months that Daniel worked for me, I was able to watch him develop both as a web developer and as a person. Daniel proved to be very patient in dealing with me and my stress levels. He stayed on task, and could be counted on to develop an idea into reality, while including a little extra “splash” in the design. Daniel is a determined young man, who is more tortoise than hare. But when the crunch is on, he does know how to sprint. And he will do it without letting the stress get to him.
Sean Harley Manager, Sabe Spa

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